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They call him TruckFix faster than lite no one you see is smarter.

Engine Overhaul

The engine is a heart of any vehicle and we are cardiologists.

Power Steering

We check power steering systems of all types.

Oil Change

You must change oil at least two times a year.

Smog Check

Are you sure is everything okay with your exhaust system?

Tyre Balancing

You must change oil at least two times a year.

Fleet Service

We can diagnose your vehicle and solve the issue within an hour.

Why Choose Us

We have the most advanced equipment for your auto diagnostics and recovery.

Modern Workshop

Our car repair company invites you to our workshop to show off what we got inside.

Talented Workers

Our team includes painters, tyre fleeters, welders and other professional specialists.

Best Price

We offer you the best pricing table in town. You won’t find cheaper.

Quick Support

Contact us beforehand to book a vacant place in our workshop.

About Car Repair Services

Our company resource is actually independently owned and also operated giving full service repair service and also upkeep companies. Our team make use of the latest analysis devices to assure your car is repaired or serviced adequately as well as in a prompt manner. We belong to Professional Vehicle Solution, an elite efficiency system, where private service resources share common objectives of being actually first-rate vehicle solution centers.


  1. 24 Month / 24,000km Nationwide Warranty
  2. ASE Certified Technicians
  3. Customer Rewards Program
  4. 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
  5. Courtesy Local Shuttle Service
  6. Courtesy Loaner Vehicle

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Tips for Maintaining Vehicle Servicing Records

Tips for Maintaining Vehicle Servicing Records

Always keeping automobile maintenance documents is actually a great process in order to get right into that may conserve you money over times on your automobile. That may additionally help stretch the life from your auto and give you with numerous stress totally free kilometers.

There are several strategies you can easily use to keep track of the continual routine maintenance from your automobile. With modern-day innovation you can develop a spreadsheet on your computer utilizing a design template offered with Microsoft. Or there are software programs and also internet sites developed specifically in order to help you maintain your auto routine maintenance reports.

While these come in handy, a note pad that may be kept with the automobile may verify to become the absolute most helpful considering that it is actually always there along with you. If you stop for a quick oil change while you are actually out operating tasks, the laptop will certainly be right there as well as you could chronicle the automobile maintenance in your record instantly while this is fresh on your thoughts.

Receive a small notebook that has files created into that in order that you can put the vouchers into the notebook for safe-keeping.

In the initial web pages of the automotive upkeep log, maintain the autos specifics such as the Make, Style, Year and auto identification number (VIN). Include the time of acquisition, just how much you paid and also where you acquired the automobile.

Capture any type of service warranty details purchased along with your vehicle. If you received a motor vehicle report along with the vehicle, put this in some of the files. Create your insurance company, plan number and depictive featuring the telephone number in order that everything is at your fingertips.

Keep track of oil modifications, chronicling the usage on the cars and truck, in addition to the date. Jot down what kind of oil that was used.

Monitor your filter improvements for both oil as well as air filters, once more including the time and also gas mileage in your log. Monitor when tubes are actually changed and speak with your expert concerning how usually hose pipes and also districts need to be actually substituted. Set up frequent upkeep visits to keep your auto safe as well as in the very best running shape feasible. There is nothing additional irritating in comparison to breaking along the street considering that you neglected in order to get the routine maintenance carried out final month.

5 Easy-To-Forget Car Upkeep Tips

5 Easy-To-Forget Car Upkeep Tips

One of the most annoying automotive repair work issues for an auto manager are certainly not the dents and also part replacements that possess crashes as well as age, but the minor problems that develop into huge fixing expenses when left unattended. There are actually standard maintenance steps that may be required to assist stay away from primary automobile problems. Below are actually 5 preventative upkeep pointers that will definitely aid maintain your cars and truck running at its personal finest!

1. Altering Oil – In Some Cases, that is actually just that very easy. Overlooking to alter the oil routinely is a leading reason for motor breakdown, and also the easiest component from motor upkeep to fail to remember. Each engine possesses a different interval of how much time that can easily go without an oil change, yet usually between 3,000 and also 5,000 (tops) kilometers is suggested. Having a sniff of your present oil supply could be a much more analog and definite way from evaluating too; the worse the odor, the a lot more you need an adjustment.

2. Tire Rising cost of living – This seems like an element from car evaluation to balk at, however regularly loaded tires are not merely safe, they are actually cost effective. If a tire is actually total, the additional airlift provided creates an easier opportunity for the motor to relocate the auto. This makes for a lower fuel costs along with preventing a harmful as well as possibly dangerous tire stand out on a busy roadway.

3. Tire Wear – Keeping An Eye On the weathering of a tire’s footsteps is actually both useful and also a measure. Tough tire footsteps are not simply useful however needed for driving in icier environments, where they assist properly and movement. Monitoring the treads and also damage of your tires can easily additionally show larger vehicle problems, like wheel placement as well as equilibrium. Even more worn in treads cheek by jowl from the vehicle suggests the body weight is actually out of balance, which leads to much higher repair costs and unequal automotive routine maintenance. Catching a positioning concern previously will certainly guarantee a much less expensive visit to the car auto mechanic in the future.

A Checklist For Your Automotive Servicing

A Checklist For Your Automotive Servicing

Car routine maintenance is actually the most vital duty that an automobile owner has. Any type of proud auto owner could inform you that. If you prefer your cars and truck to live a long life and conduct properly, then you desire to guarantee routine maintenance examinations are vital. Apart from making certain an enduring lifestyle for your lorry, there are actually also several various other needs to carry out well-timed cars and truck maintenance. Maintain reading through to know why automotive upkeep is important. You can also find below a list of things that take place your guidelines to create better count on this method.

The 1st, as well as an essential factor, is actually safety. Any fault in the auto such as broken tires, faulty brakes or even motor concerns might certainly not be noticeable to the owner until it is far too late. Frequent routine maintenance helps get this off the beaten track and also guarantees your safety and security. A properly maintained car additionally gives far better performance and reliability. Along with routine check-ins at the auto shop, your browse through for repair services are going to lower. This makes traits much easier as well as even more economical. Specifically due to precautionary upkeep prices lesser than true fixings.

As the outdated pointing out goes, “An as soon as from protection, costs a pound from treatment.” To puts, it simply, take care of your motor vehicle as well as this will definitely cost you much less to own in the future. Additionally, this is actually much easier to plan and also budget upkeep compared to it is actually for when a breakdown takes place at the most awful opportunity as well as triggering you to become greatly aggravated. As well as the expenditure that was certainly not organized and also normally at a much greater cost.

Frequent routine maintenance additionally maintains the auto looking clean and also stainless. Nicks, blemishes, faded paint are additional things that may be looked after during the course of a regular servicing program. A well-maintained car is inevitably a lot easier to market. If you would as if the option of being able to sell your vehicle at a good price to become available after that vehicle upkeep is going to carry out that for you.

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